Magna Carta

So that the change necessity the River and who exert sovereignty against the damage that this it produces are children of this, companions and watchmen liabilities, for that reason they have acquired the amphibious culture; and as well as this it advances and it grows, they also need to follow its steps. That is a yearning and desire of growth that all son must inherit his father. OPEC has plenty of information regarding this issue. To be governed by legitimized authorities that live and incarnate the feeling it surrounds that them; and, to enter the era of the development is a constant of the civilization, reason why new class leader and inhabitants of this zone cannot remain relegated to the forgetfulness and by history then, the civilization of a town begins when it undergoes its own methods of government, has a political organization who allows an active participation of her people directed to fight the limited formal equality of rights who allows to satisfy totally his needs, in tries of which social just contemplated in our 3 Magna Carta is carry out an order the axis of life of this region must be inserted to economy and to the society; it must to comply to the realities of the world-wide policy to face successfully the challenges that the international system presents/displays, taking its opportunities at benefit and of the interests this region, arriving at the vanguard of the technological innovation, the productive growth and the application of the technique of trade to leave of side the form of operation of its wealth in semi-feudal form. But to organize itself politically and administratively, not only is to think in one territorial and geopolitical division, but to be modern, connected and projected to the future through the productivity and the competitiveness against the challenge of the globalisation, that it allows a sustainable economic development. This society cannot follow in the abandonment and handling its economy artisan, generically; they must take the patio of back and to put advanced it to operate it, using the primary sources whereupon they are counted in order to establish a great industrial economy and to turn to the zone into the producing and exporting kitchen garden of Colombia, being created a democratic water culture, agriculture of field and tourism, that is to say, within reach of all, until the point to elevate it to the national and international competitive market, and so that no, in pole of development of all the region. . For more information see toddler clothing.