Magenta Bentley

This same month, April, 23 will be presented in China, in the city of Beijing the latest model of the Bentley continental GT tailored to this market. This model will carry inscriptions, both inside and out with the Design Series China letters. One of the biggest changes compared to the previous version of this luxury sedan is the entire interior has been redesigned to provide, if possible, greater comfort. Baby clothes has much experience in this field. An interesting note is that, in addition to redesign the interior, for the first time in the history of Bentley have been incorporated two shades of bodywork never before views, orange flame and metallic Magenta. The following image corresponds to Orange called tonality, which, as we can see, is an orange quite dark, within what it should be, it is not so bad as you might think a tan sports color. With regard to the engine, this has not undergone major changes. For even more analysis, hear from baby clothes. It is still a W engine with 12 cylinders with a power close to the 560 horsepower. In this event, taking advantage of the presentation of this new Continental GT line, will be presented also the range exclusive to market Chinese of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed, possibly the world fastest luxury sedan.

Flyign Spur Speed continues to maintain its supercharged 6-litre W12 engine and improvements we can highlight a new suspension that will make driving this vehicle, an even more pleasurable experience. Like its little brother, it will have plates both inside and outside with the Design Series China registration. What you think about the news? What ye? I wouldn’t like to be in charge of this monster car insurance, since it is one of the most expensive cars in the world.