In the power it even has machismo! The fashion now is to beat the foot and to sing high and in good sound: daqui I do not leave, daqui takes off nobody me. The shame in the faded face more seems not to exist, this is obvious and ululante. It is everything visibly, but all want that let us make seen thick for the setback that is devastating the country. The wood king falls, falls the king of ouros, falls the king of swords and the queen seems fearless, subserviente to a play of the old king. Coringa always in the sleeve, test that this game has the marked letters. If it will be hole, we enter for the pipe and it will be tender red, who always earns are the engravatados ones. This government walks betting who supports more to be of foot, but the foot always has people beating and threatening.

There the power! Who does not like them privileges that come with it? Therefore it is that many try until the last instance to remain in the viscera of it. She will be that the new ' ' mandatria' ' of the country it goes to use argument of its predecessor the same? The three macaquinhos have much time are old-fashioned, therefore carssima, is better to sweep the dirt before it brings it alrgica renite. The fall is turning routine ministers and on of this avalanche of clutter and corruption it seems to propagate its so said labor detail. The shot can leave for the butt, therefore the more if it moves, more fede. Of the side of it are, but with the projected body for inside, the old one attends to impassvel, making its marketing and advancing the clock, so that thus the days it passes more fast VOLTEEEEEEE. It comes back with all its demagogy and its egocentrismo, propagating the cure toward all males existing and those that still have to come. I do not know if it twists for its creature, but with certainty it goes to always place the pies in the front of the queen, so that thus it does not fall and resists until the end of the departure. But in this game or it of the one check-he kills and he advances in the tray or he goes to continue thinking that it orders, when in the truth he is submissa to its creator. In the power it even has machismo!