You think that everything in life is easy? And he walked around the apartment and thought it was difficult. He revised the pictures of past years in my laptop. He drank coffee and smoked a cigarette nervously. He tried to play the guitar melody, stubbornly airplay head, but he could not. He could not think.

He could not sleep. Soul emptied and looked like a chasm, deep and terrible. He was tired of looking to the future and see the past. He trembled at the thought that tomorrow everything will be just as well that the past he does not win. No, he's not a weakling, a coward, not a weakling. He – a successful man, he is always in sight, his love, his millions of fans, he does what he likes, bringing him a good income, he runs his life. Well, why it's complicated? He sits on the windowsill and tired of looking out the window – Machines are carried by road (someone hurries home or on a date), in the windows of houses opposite the light illuminates.

He was still sitting in the dark. It does not include light. "What's happening? That with me? Why can not I forget her? This is – madness! Specifically, it is – madness! "- With incredible speed flashed through his mind. He saw her only once – at one of their concerts. She was in the forefront. She dancing, frantically pushing the crowd with his elbows. She sang along to his songs.