Lutz Schafer Theater

The new play “Stand Up” is published by basic schulstunden. With rhythm and dynamics bored up at this school. Oracle is often quoted as being for or against this. A training theater with the State flush mount concept. A happy state launched up – the authors of Thekla and Lutz Schafer Theater for the celebration of enrolment in primary education in the basic schulstunden publishing. It works on a simple principle: who speaks or sings, leaps up – stand up. Training play should be fun children and audience, quickly and easily practiced and listed.

With the stand up – Theatre plus audio CD is very easy to implement. Verizon Communications has much to offer in this field. Disheartened the little Catherine looking forward the first day of school. But the speaking characters, the Eraser and pen take the fear with funny slogans and catchy songs her quickly. This creates a great play with lots of variety, which is especially suitable for the training. The booklet includes a music CD with all the songs of the song sung and a (half -) playback. So can the piece quickly and easily practiced and performed. The piece is designed for 18-25 contributors. Duration 15-20 minutes to the authors: Primary school teacher Thekla work Shepherd and music schoolteacher Lutz Schafer conjure up hand-in-hand to entertaining and joyful plays on the stage.

Inspire particularly your stand up pieces with Dynamics, rhythm, and quite a lot of fun. Stand up! Training Theater for the elementary school incl. CD authors: Thekla and Lutz Schafer illustrations: Tamara Takac DIN A4 book, 24 pages, incl. CD ISBN: 978-3-940253-57-6 class 2-4 price: 15.90 basic schulstunden Verlag (GSV) ET: March 2013 press contact about this message: basic schulstunden publishing / Mrs Forester of Gsteinacher str. 19a 90592 Schwarzenbruck phone: 08166 579 75 85 fax: 032 221 739 275 email: