Longterm Investment

In the same way as the minds of engineers and scientists excites the problem of creating a perpetual motion machine, the consciousness of other citizens is haunted by the question "perpetual repair. One who "did once and forget forever." This is especially significant Today, when family budgets are literally cracking at the seams, and the prospects for future earnings is very vague. Of course, such a repair – just a dream, realize that in practice it is hardly possible. But here's a little closer to it – completely. Help in this modern building materials and designs, many of whom are able to serve their masters more than one year. After us – the deluge Perhaps you can start with the finishing of ceilings, as here in the past several years, a maximum number of new materials and technologies.

Everyone knows that the most common solution – painting. It will cost about 2-5 thousand rubles. 20 m2 of surface. However, after about 5 years is coverage is likely to be upgraded. Can be used for trim adhesive laminated ceiling tile of expanded polystyrene. In this case, a square meter of surface will cost around 150-300 rubles. – No more expensive than painting. But the cheapest option – a special wallpaper.

Their use would meet only 50 rubles. per square meter. However, all of the above method of finishing is one common feature: the ceiling requires prior preparation – putty, smoothing and priming. And if you're not a professional plasterer, it is likely, for this purpose will have to invite the experts. The cost of the preparatory work will be between 250 to 1000 rubles.