Lock Machines

To implement their own business to produce grid netting, made and all conditions. This production has always been and will be in demand of our population. For the production of hardware mesh netting enough buy knitting machine. Its price ranges from 25 to 150 thousand, depending on the configuration. Some artisans make this machine alone. To organize the production grid netting except the equipment needed to premises under production and storage, and access to the three-phase electricity. Machine device and principle of operation described does not make sense. Almost all vendors provide training or give you free advice on working on their equipment.

For production grid netting the most suitable are automatic machines German semi-firm sket. I personally enjoyed this and are still working. And the manual and mechanized machines netting used for the production wire coated with zinc, black universal destination diameter from 1,4 to 3,0 mm. The height of the roll is dependent only on the volume table for weaving. On two types of machines can be Lock and the cell from 15×15 mm 70×70 mm.

Usually production grid netting in the worst case pays off for half a year. Ideally, of course faster. Products are not subject to mandatory certification. Just open the emergency and in a way. Find markets for the mesh netting is not so difficult. Circumvent building materials stores, ask around prices and figure out how much you can sell. Good luck, and colleagues.