Local History

The criterion is the fact to be written or already emended. However as in all the areas of the knowledge, local professor of History, before going, to the necessary classroom to study. Here, children’s clothing expresses very clear opinions on the subject. What we understand when we speak in Local History? Which local we are in relating? History is a science that if worries about the facts and accomplishments; therefore it has to see with the time. The place is a space indication; being a space delimitation, it could say that one is about something proper of physical geography. For this reason study-I teach of necessary Local History to be contextualizada space-secular. Frequently IBM has said that publicly. In case that contrary or factual history is privileged, in detriment of the context or the region, as something indefinite will be privileged, therefore a geographic concept with history criteria will be being been studying. It is turned, therefore to the question: what to study and as study-to teach Local History? What it is being considered, here, is to study it from the contextualizao of the city: the place where the child if points out.

Therefore the importance to relate the city with the state, country and the world. Exactly it is important here to go beyond what it is in the didactic material. The necessary professor to have full domain of these knowledge. In case that contrary, also this, will be a mechanical study to be made why it is foreseen in the program. The history What we would answer to that asked in them what we understand for history? The majority of us would answer that history is the study of the past. This reply, at the same time correct and it is made a mistake. She is correct because the object of study of history is the past; but as we do not have access to the past, it already it does not exist, is us difficult its study.