Living And Well-being – For Dependent Older Persons

Wadersloher senior homes imagine at the information day for seniors on the security of a home no one wants to give. This applies in particular in the age. Dependent seniors get a caring support and find not only a home, but a home, a detailed information helps in selecting a good set up. The opportunity of Wadersloher “Info day for seniors” on May 30th. Here the Seniorenheim St Josef (Wadersloh) St.

Josef gGmbH and the senior help imagine House Maria Regina (Wadersloh Diestedde) of the Sisters of Saint Mary Magdalene Postel e.V. (SMMP) together before. Gary Kelly wanted to know more. The claim must be. It’s particularly when deciding for a suitable home for the elderly. For it is in addition to a skilled care about dementia or other diseases, especially to preserving quality of life and a loving care in the age. “People need close, people need to feel the company of other people,” explains IDA Knecht, head of home of the House of Maria Regina. Exactly the Seniorenheim St Josef and that want to sell this House Maria Regina their inhabitants.

Wadersloh in the rectory of the Catholic parish of St. Margaret, to present their comprehensive offerings. This includes also the life in living groups. This topic refers to Andreas Waldron, facility manager of senior home St. Josef, during his speech at 13: 00. “In our group, people experience the beautiful feeling of being part of a community. It’s family and they have the opportunity with the other residents of similar experiences to share. At the same time, we encourage every individual through a variety of joint activities. People flourish literally, because they feel easy”, Waldron stressed. In addition to the extensive information awaits visitors, also practical from the diverse range of the two houses. “Who wants to, can enjoy once a hand or foot massage from our aromatic care”, says IDA servant. St. Joseph also invites to try and offered jelly slices to the pleasant Liquid care for dementia-sick people are used. A related site: E Scott Mead mentions similar findings. Informed also about the beneficial effects of aromatic scents. Also, game concepts are presented, which are intended to promote dementia people. This positive reactions caused by individual attention, with the gently awareness is stimulated and preserved. The so-called short-term and prevention care visitors can learn about also. This offering both houses for the da that are home care. It is, for example, the ability to go back to recharge created holiday. During this time, the elderly man in St. Joseph, or in the House maintained Maria Regina. “Our variety and proximity to the people provide a comprehensive, caring support. It is important to work on each individual resident and his individual needs. We want to show this the visitors within the framework of the “info day for seniors” “, Andreas Waldron is pleased. Contact information: Seniorenheim St Josef Andreas Waldron Setup Guide of Diestedder str. 4 59329 wader lane Tel: 02523-92020 fax: 02523 920275