Like Avoiding Risks In The Sale

We can say that the professional sale has three fundamental questions. a) Yield; b) Quality; c) Productivity. As it will be able to be noticed, the yield is associate to the productive process, that is to say, the correct decisions in terms of cost or of purchase and to the capacity to reduce to costs in the taking and to formation of the representatives or salesmen. The quality has two edges as well; it aims at the quality of the product and the quality of the sale in himself. This means that she is associate directly with the productive process and the qualification and formation of the salesmen.

On the other hand, the productivity is centered only in the sale and has to do with the productive capacity of the salesmen or equipment of sale. The three fundamental questions of the professional sale are then chained since it is impossible to obtain a high productivity in the sales without the quality necessary of the representatives or salesmen able to make the business profitable. By this, it is necessary to pause in the observation and the study of the different stages from the business. Production, distribution and consumption are elementary moments of any business and imply different glances at the time of evaluating results in each of these moments. The lack of coordination between the three moments usually is a risk difficult of palliating.

An excellent management of sales can go to ruin by the deficient task of post sale or the logistic area of the company. The logistic descoordinacin between sales is very typical and, something that the image of the company affects directly and inhibits the efforts of the area marketing generating low of the productivity and, one of the most important risks, the dissatisfaction of the client. I suggest to read the article: it avoids risk to prevent the risks with failure in a management of sales, is necessary to understand the sale like a link more than a chain than it must be permanently oiled, since the fault in anyone of its links interferes directly on the others. A question that usually is avoided is the high rotation of personnel of sales. It is not recommendable because it implies stops costs in terms of time of qualification and on the other hand do not offer a good image to our clients. As we can see, the area of human resources also is fundamental at the time of constructing a success of sales. The permanent interaction between the different areas from the company much more favors a way surely towards a success of sales.