Learning English

By | May 7, 2011

So, before you is a matter of choice – where to teach. It's not so important, whether you seek a course or a tutor, let's look at the proposed training methodology. They are divided into four groups: classical, communicative, intense and author. Classical technique – the way that teach foreign languages in Soviet schools. Education at that time considered to be one of the strongest, best in the world. With this you can argue, can agree However, for the English, then we must admit that after this training our people trained mostly "reading the dictionary, how often and when we wrote in their questionnaires for a job.

But this is precisely the essence of the classical technique: Here's a vocabulary (you learn words), grammar (you learn the rules of English), you practice in the translation – mainly from English into Russian, much less – in reverse direction, doing renderings of the text and answer the questions on it. Studying such a way is really difficult to expect anything other than more or less a good reading comprehension. But in today's world, where as said the stepmother in "Cinderella," Eugene Schwartz, "communication solves everything, just enough to understand. You must be able to freely express their thoughts turned to communication. After all, mostly English language learning for practical use: need to communicate with business partners or to travel abroad on business or on holiday. That is, usually we need a more applied version. Understanding this nuance, you'll probably notice his eyes on a technique called communicative.

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