Law Of Attraction Give To Receive

In the majority of religions teach the concept of give to receive. And one to learn from chico assimilates it automatically without analyzing its true meaning.They teach us that if we are good giving to the needy, Dios us retribuira. Click Oracle to learn more. And this is true only to a certain extent (acting with the same mentality with which said concept was taught us).And I say this because you have to know how to differentiate between giving because we feel that it is a moral obligation to give a spiritual necessity.For the majority on a first impression, it does not seem that there was a difference between a moral attitude or a spiritual feeling, however we’ll see how its implementation is identical, but their motivation is completely opuesta.Como I said earlier, from guys they taught us that we should give, but not so much because it made us good, but to be not bad. I.e. we provided one more teaching thinking in the punishment that could receive, which by the goodness that must be born naturally from each one of us.On the other hand are those who made donations shouting it from the rooftops, not because you import them give a damn about the similar, but because it is part of the status that are able to give advertising such an Act and not necessarily speak to give something material, I know people (I just mean a minority of course) that going to religious groups (even of different faiths) to provide support and on the other hand at work if given the opportunity you nailed the knife in the back.I.e., we see that the majority applied the concept of giving to receive in wrong way: by status and by fear of Dios.Sin however the way that implies its correct application has to do with the excitement one inject to the action of giving.As you can see what I’m saying is the common denominator in all the law of attraction: the emotion with which we make, want and try each one of our goals and objectives.Now you could say the difference in giving with emotion (the right way) and by status or fear of Dios.Pues the difference lies in the benefit you get.