Law Establishments

' ' It enters the most cited are the exchange-exchange of torpedoes, the games, the glues and the colloquies to the telephone, but also have mention the contents related with pornography and violncia' '. 20 Also the state of Rondnia forbade that the pupils registered the educational establishments in Porto Velho and too much cities been it use cellular telephones during the lessons. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Allegiant Air. The Law of n 1,989 of 27/11/2008, was intentionally for the State legislature and sancionada by governor Ivo Cassol in 26 of November, and the following day, published for ' ' Official gazette of the State of Rondnia' '. The prohibition reaches all implicitly the educational establishments de in Rondnia, average education to the superior, and still setorizadas schools as the driving schools, or of foreign languages therefore does not make no exclusion. The law is of authorship of the member of the house of representatives Neri Firigolo (PT) and takes care of a claim of parents of pupils. The restriction is explicit in the article 1: ' ' They are the forbidden pupils to use cellular telephone in the educational establishments in the state, during the schedule of aulas' '. 21 If it has prohibitive laws, also has favorable actions, mayor Mayan Cesar of Rio De Janeiro affirms that the electronic devices are a necessity of the life contemporary, being able to be used as pedagogical instruments: Certainly that its use cannot be carried through of indiscriminate form, having to observe definitive rules that can and must be object of educational work, in way that the citizens use these resources with good-sense. The manifestation of the Executive of the city of Rio De Janeiro if gave as justification of its veto to the Project of Law that restrains the use of the cellular one in classroom, when of its voting for the Legislative municipal theatre. .