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So Swiss companies evaluate the current investment and employment climate significantly more positively than the other companies in the Lake Constance area. Conversely, the case of the Austrian company is identifiable, if also less clear. Even if these differences in Austria’s case in part due to the different composition (industries, locations etc.) of the participating companies could be due. The observed heterogeneity motivates the consideration, that the economic activity through regional and international boundaries in the Lake Constance region away could make a diversification of economic risks. Further studies, the both the regional and international economic integration in the Lake Constance region further investigate, can contribute to answering this question. A still better understanding of structural could potential specific businesses, which are economically active around Lake Constance, or want to be active. 2. forecast six months of drawn out negative trend will continue is likely to also in the summer months.

The participating companies are forecasting a further decline in the BGKI.net by nearly 10 percent. Despite very clearly the scope of this assessment in the light of the forecast should be relativized in the winter of 2007. In absolute terms for the second half of the year, the company expect, which actually already expected for this early summer 2008. The time-shift, with the financial market crisis and the slowdown of global economic expectations reflected in the assessment of economic development by the company in the Lake Constance region, is therefore larger than anticipated. Is remarkable in this context also the relationship of prognosis on the one hand and on the other hand for the second half of 08 comparatively optimistic forecasts for the second half of the year are the size of investment and employment in addition to the national site, the current information on the productivity and the current sales most important positive factor influencing the size of investment and employment. BGKI.