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By | November 25, 2014

Kitchens decoration: decoration of kitchens is booming due to important space which has come to occupy in the lives of people from a few decades ago. Today already kitchen not only women, also does it man and on many occasions is a joint task that is performed while seeking to relax after a hard day of work. Kitchens decoration was not always important, in the past all that was sought was that they were spacious and thus achieve a comfortable place to work. Modern times are far from that past where the family kitchens were arranged as places of work. Now the kitchen is designed as a space where, both men and women seek to relax and comfortable cooking. Modernity brought with it the spaces measured and exploited. In the past the kitchens were large chambers that ended up becoming rooms which the family shared.

Current trends seek to return to the kitchen as a space dedicated exclusively to the task of cooking, but with a different turnaround due to the current living habits are different. The first thing being searched is decoration radiate harmony and peace, in this way both men as women arriving in the working day can be found in the task of cooking a moment of relaxation and rest, avoiding that it becomes a heavy burden to the day. This trend to kitchen ceases to be a family space bet that its dimensions are small, on the other hand is not intended to comfortable spaces where movements are free and items and kitchen ingredients can be handled with great maneuverability, while enjoy a glass of wine or maybe a bourbon. This trend for kitchens decor furniture of linear design and stainless steel appliances being used preferably. Tips for decoration. Here are some useful tips to give you in mind in the decoration of kitchens.

Used furniture low. leave a gap between the unit and the ceiling. modules are recommended in order to achieve more open views widths and that reach a height of approximately 60 cm.They are sometimes of great decorative value furniture without doors. the lighting is essential to make it good and white light to provide the atmosphere of freshness and cleanliness.Halogen lights are well suited to this purpose and should make them bounce off the ceiling. paint the walls, cabinets and appliances renews the air in the kitchen. Then of painted cabinets costs much change the shoulder straps from the drawers and a change is very important to the vision. Another tip old furniture to take visual strength is change the tiles or have a hob. with regard to the ground the main advice is that you get one that is easy to clean. Cleaning is an essential aspect of the kitchen.The choice must be conditioned by the style that you want to give to the kitchen. In the decoration of kitchens don’t need a floor the most expensive can fix it with a patterned vinyl. Do kitchens decoration < embed type = application/x-shockwave-flash width = 425? height = 355? src = wmode = transparent > also visit: decorating dining. Decoration of rooms. Original author and source of the article.

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