Karl Karlovich Strauss

AF Vaca, his son Vladimir, suspected of spying and deported under police surveillance in Buzuluk. Banning the production and sale of beer, but the government allowed the manufacture and processing of low-to Beverage old stocks of beer. Through MS Boyarsky factory owners organized the release of such low-proof beer drink, which went on sale under the name "Honey Boyarsky." About the most Mikhail Boyarsky Saulovich known a little bit. According to the gendarmerie, he was the son of the court counselor, Grodno province, cohabited with a Pole, living in hotel "National". In 1923, together with Lothar, and Erich Leo Vakano he became shareholder Zhigulevsky brewery. Having a plant in rent, Lothar Alfredovich starts petition for a visa to enter KK Strauss in the USSR. In justifying its request, wrote that Strauss worked for many years at the plant, installed and blew equipment coming from Germany and France. It is such a specialist and is able to quickly resume production without drawing on the equipment, which burned during the fire main office in 1919.

The candidacy of KK Strauss has been approved by local authorities. But his return to Russia opposed the Supreme Economic Council VSNAH). "In the USSR there are unemployed brewers with great experience, visit gr. Karl Strauss is undesirable. " Lothar Alfredovich, with the support of the factory committee of the Provincial Economic Council, the local economy, goes with the request to the Foreign Office. And again, should be rejected. So Karl Karlovich Strauss was unable to return to Samara.