By | August 30, 2011

'Where'. The market economy always implies competition, and therefore do not always buy in the shop for you benefit. Most people walk in the same shop, seek the services of the same company just out of habit. Gather information about where you can the greatest benefit to buy what you want. And the more money is buying, the more carefully must be selected. It would be nice to think where we will place or where we store what they bought. The question, though trite, but if the refrigerator will overshadow any passage will be no laughing matter … 5.

"When". Any large store there are stocks, sales, etc. Thus, we can always take the average market price of the goods more cheaply, if you do it the right time. Can not exclude the seasonal factor. Split systems, for example, it is better to buy in the winter – and lower prices, and put on the same day. And in the midst of the July heat? Also, remember that the words of one very, very rich man. Rothschild, his family name, can be heard.

"Buy when others sell and sell when others buy." For example, it refers to units in mutual funds, stocks, real estate, etc. 6. The "how". How to make money on a new purchase. How to pay for the purchase, as transport and use them. One might ask: "How to make money with a new purchase?" – This option also can not be excluded. Well, we exploit this to you six. Servants … And now let us remember continuation of a poem … "Then I work myself, and give them entertainment." is based on responses to questions plan for future revenue and that probably more important, costs. Now start working. As prearranged such necessary questions of the plan.

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