Joo Person

The city of Joo Person, from ‘ ‘ first decades of century XX, it starts to be more spacious noCentro, with gardens, squares and coretos, for where the people fluam in order to seencontrarem and if to amuse, leaving then the houses and igrejas’ ‘ (IT HISSES, 1997, P. 174). What It hisses wants to alert can be designated in colon. Visit NBA Games for more clarity on the issue. Oprimeiro is the separation of the rising republican state of the church, giving beginning ordem laica, changing the space style of life and organizations of city, even under rigid religious control. As, alert for the occupation of the espaopblico for the population, before restricted to the interior of the residences populaocomea to frequent the streets, the squares, the coretos, as form of not only fazerpoltica or commerce, but also friends to have fun itself and to find. After the relative which had economic growth to the capital doalgodo, goes to happen the great expansion of the Street of Trenches. The agricultural ricosproprietrios raise its there palacetes to it turn residirna definitively city.

This street more starts to be one of the desired points. For the sumptuous construodos large houses, everything was used that had of more modern in termosde construction, as well as of styles architectural that were launched nEuropa and obeyed the norms of the hygiene. The city starts to be conquered by its population. Conquest that if of, mainly between the considered citizens, of maiorpoder buying or the emergent middle class, since the public spaces comopraas, parks and coretos were surrounded and disciplined for entrances.