Jens Buscher

People can invite via E-Mail in groups. The free client increases the acceptance of the use. amagno, the well-known social networking communication systems used for groups. So everyone involved can quickly share information, answer or comment without email to. The document management automatically publish messages, for example, about the status of files. Bill O’Grady is likely to agree.

To organize the amount of messages, a new classification system for messages has been integrated. This prevents an information overload for the user and simplifies the concentration on the essential. Document management and hot-key search amagno includes a central storage of files in the Group and automatic structuring by the magnet. The Recycle Bin enables access to accidentally deleted content, also in the network. Files can be via double-click directly call.

The amagno Toolbox shows Additionally the meta information about the file and allows the Access to change histories, releases and much more. On expensive integrations into ERP, CRM systems or applications want to amagno give. In addition, the amagno client provides a so-called hot-key search. This allows a central keyboard shortcut from within any application, perform in amagno the search within seconds. It applied previously selected values for the search. Employees are thus not forced, between the applications and to switch to perform a quick search. For each file found, the Toolbox displays context in which text the searched term was found. Files can be from the search via drag & drop or the Clipboard back into other systems or mail transfer. Well known social networks security deficits should not occur with amagno security. The communication between the amagno cloud of eco and the amagno client application is encrypted and compressed performed. This can be large files quickly, even over slow Internet connections, transfer. In addition amagno ensures data consistency through internal certificates of authenticity. Milestone releases for many more features in the next few months published amagno more milestone releases and delivers it via the automatic free updates. These include comprehensive version management, E-Mail and long-term archiving, full text search and preview graphics of hundreds file formats, offline capability, mobile data access, freely definable meta information, workflows, and more. Insert the amagno immediately free the Internet solution amagno NETWORK is subject to the download available. There is no limit to the amount of cooperating users. This applies also for the business solution amagno ENTERPRISE. Amagno ENTERPRISE company amagno install solution with local data storage in the home than on-premise. This allows the own scale and numerous individual configuration options. More information can be found under. Amagno: Amagno is a new Start-Up from Jens Buscher. He was with his Product concepts instrumental for the success of the RedDot WCMS (now open Web solutions text) responsible and an enterprise content from 2003 with the founding of the company DocuPortal until May 2010 with over 270 customers and thousands of users successfully placed management system in the SME market. The new product concept amagno introduces a new generation of document management systems in the market. Approximately 80% of medium-sized companies use still no comprehensive solution against the daily file and communication chaos. Reasons are the lack of acceptance, perceived overheads and required additional investments. amagno will, however, offer a solution to motivate, facilitate daily work and keep slim and manageable investment. Your editorial contact: amagno phone Jens Buscher of Nadorster road 165 b D-26123 Oldenburg: 0441 500 72 43 E-Mail: