Jaw Crusher Strides Forward

Jaw crusher strides forward to the goalto silah Heavy negotiation machinery mobile crushing station to help Kunming construction waste disposal Kunming, the construction waste disposal jaw crusher methods are gradually changed from the past thrown away or landfill treatment resources, the reporter recently learned from the parties concerned, according to the the Kunming building waste processing program, in addition to the existing processing resources site Kunming plans to add two buildings, garbage treatment resources base, five construction waste elimination on site.The city has 13 building waste consumptive field, eastern suburbs and western suburbs of landfill is also building a base of construction waste treatment resources.Construction waste will soon usher in to more Fly ash block machinery robust national policy support and a broad market space.Construction waste, many waste by sorting, removed or crushed, not only have tremendous environmental benefits, will result in huge economic benefits.With the increasing attention of government departments on environmental construction, most of them can reuse as a renewable resource.See from the customer situation, to achieve holistic mobile job functions based integration, the integration unit, can best meet the needs of different clients.Materials in a timely manner, reasonable design of famous buildings waste disposal equipment R & D manufacturer, Zhengzhou silah Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. on the basis of years of broken sand production line equipment R & D, mobile crushing combination more in line with the customer will have the flexibility The choice of construction site, the mobile station device is combination crusher Cone Crusher the main process of the construction waste separation and processing, the first to launch a mobile crusher station combinations of equipment, greatly reduces the transport of materials processing cost, convenient construction waste crushing.Vehicle system or track drive system, improve production efficiency.Zhengzhou silah Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. developed dozens of mobile crushing station in the combination model.It is understood that the change Kunming garbage dumps, landfills extensive processing the Wuhua building construction of construction waste resources processing project, the construction waste disposal sites in Kunming handling capacity will increase to 6.5 million tons.Plans through the open area building a construction waste resources processing to demonstration project to promote the construction waste minimization, resource recovery, a sound processing of Heavy Machinery silah mode.Combination mobile crusher station equipment sorting of construction waste through a particular iron removal equipment to remove the material containing iron, processed into a certain size of the regeneration of sand and gravel aggregate, rough broken, broken, even crushing comminution equipment.Zhengzhou silah Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a perennial committed to the crusher, sand making machine, ball mill and other processing equipment, quartz sand production line and R & D, production and sales of sand making machine manufacturers, crusher, sand making equipment, and broken equipment: jaw crusher, fine crusher, Impact Sand, Crusher, energy-saving ball mill, ball mill, cement mill cone, rotary kiln and other equipment. Cone crusher: Rotary kiln: