Italy Sales

By | October 8, 2014

“Clothing and sporting goods were particularly happy 2011” vacation rentals and trips “ordered on the Internet. In may 2012, the leading online retailers in attendance represented, and In the B2C E-Commerce, in French on average just under 100 euros per online order were issued in January 2012. In the entire year of 2011 the highest online sales were on the travel Web site generated, followed by the online shop of the clothing merchant 3 Suisses. Both Italy and Spain Holiday accommodation 2011 presented the product category purchased the most from the Internet.

In the Netherlands the online sales continue rise, slightly slower than in previous years. Here, between 2010 and 2011, the online sales of products is increased more than online sales with services. The online shoppers rate in Portugal was slightly higher among the male population as in the 2011 female and a total of 25 to 34 year age group had the highest penetration of online shoppers. Group-shopping and online coupon sites enjoy growing popularity in Eastern Europe in Russia the growing number of Internet users one of the main reasons for the growth in local online trading represented in 2011, which in comparison to 2010 at just under one-third could get. “The highest online sales were here with consumer electronics and household appliances” as well as with computers “be achieved. Also in Poland in the B2C E-commerce sales continue to grow area in the lower to medium two-digit percent range. Above all price comparison, Nutzerempfehlungs – and group-shopping sites were popular in 2011. “Clothing and footwear were 2011 most in the Czech Republic” as well as tickets “ordered on the Internet. The leading online shops in relation to their sales were and here. Online coupon sites represent a growing trend in Hungary, where their number within the year from less than ten to just under 60 rose.

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