Iranian Crisis

By | February 6, 2017

The school of the time and the force of the journalist profession teach each day to me that we do not have to form opinions precipitated on which will be the subject. That is difficult, after all each as of our life it is made of judgments of values. We are always thinking, defending certezas, trying to convince people on what we think, analyzing what they say in them, taking off conclusions, at last more wanting to convince that we are certain of what assimilating what it can be certain, but lode of different opinion. The crisis politics that devastates Egypt or the great fire that reached diverse large cabins of Schools of Samba and the Museum of the Samba of Rio De Janeiro is (in my opinion) satiated fields for commentaries that I would say to be, at least, simplistas. For example, more than a time people heard saying that for them they would finish the Carnival and the soccer. She is not simple thus.

the sides cultural, economic and passional? This does not count? They said if me that they would banish violence of twisted in the soccer or excess related to the abuse of drugs and the sexual exploration in Carnival would be a positive quarrel, but to banish traditions because we do not feel to be ‘ ‘ ours praia’ ‘ , this I do not agree. Vocs can be asking and what I have to see with this? Or what this has to see with Egypt? In the year passed, when then president Lula if placed, in the condition of human being, against lapidating an Iranian accused with adultery I heard, and they had not been few, commentaries that Brazilian president did not have to put itself in subjects of another country. The same it has occurred now with the crisis in Egypt, with much people asking what Brazil has to see with this? It is alone to search, we are in a globalizado world. For example, the Association of Foreign commerce of Brazil (AEB), that it is not the Camargo, indicates that Egypt was, in 2010, the third import greater of Brazilian meat. Pra we export also aluminum oxide, sugar, meat of chicken, airplanes and ore of iron there.

In 2009 the Brazilian exportations for Egypt had arrived the US$ 1,3 billion, according to Brazil agency. Egypt was one of the first countries to negotiate with the Mercosul. Are to worry Brazilian we or if the cited country is not in crisis? The world does not have more borders.

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