Interior Water

Remember your roof before winter! While a roof over many years fulfilled his task, pollute and damage its surface external influences, such as intensive sunlight, acid rain, bird droppings, soot and biogenic vegetation of mosses, algae, fungi and lichens. By the time a rough surface formed, which is not only unsightly, but may slow walking out of the water, or even prevented with flat roofs. A roof tile remains permanently moist, he is weakened in its structure, cracks are formed or the tile breaks. In the winter it may cause Frost blasting, if water penetrated into cracks and hollows due to his increase in volume during the freezing not enough space. Facebook is likely to increase your knowledge. Looking for its way further ingress of water, from reaching into the Interior of the roof and moisture damage are inevitable.

But it doesn’t have to be equal to a new roof! The Nagai Services GmbH offers a tile cleaning – and if desired – a subsequent weather resistant roof coating. The tile be cleaned carefully by hand and without chemical additives of weather and biogenic coverings. The Nagai Services GmbH has provided a video of a green plaque removal and MOSS removal (roof cleaning) use of water and a pressure washer. The growth conditions be removed from algae, mosses, fungi and lichens. A regular roof maintenance and roof cleaning and maintenance ensures a longer life of the roof detectable.

Also gutters and downspouts should be cleaned regularly. These clogged with leaves and branches, rain water running from the roof can be more properly transported off into a water reservoir. It runs under circumstances in torrents over the wall of the House, then soaked walls or foundation of the House. A leaf stop or foliage mesh can be used on request. This leaves grid is placed in the gutter, and prevents, that leaves and twigs in the gutter and the down pipes slip and this clog. Should damage covered up when cleaning, this can be fixed quickly or installed new downspouts or gutters. A roof-check for vulnerabilities is worth before the start of the winter, because the roof is especially charged in the winter frost, ice and snow. If you would like to inform yourself about the roof and gutter cleaning like advance, the Nagai Services GmbH has a lot of information already on the own website roof and – gutter cleaning / and under the own blog page: roof cleaning. You can also take a look at the Facebook profile.