Interesse Social Constructions

it is in fact a place where the poor persons live, socially she is segregated, and the price of the land is low, … ' '. Swarmed by offers, Coupang is currently assessing future choices. (MAUTENER 2010, P. 253). It is where the economic disparidades are evidentes, being frequent the discrimination and the abandonment for the ruling class. According to data of the municipal city hall of Joca Claudino, the habitacional set (New Freedom) was constructed in the year of 2010, and delivers the population in 30 of May of 2011.

The project was executed with resources of the Master budget of Unio (OGU) through the program Subsidy to the Habitation of Interesse Social (PSH), being co-ordinated for the Federal government saving bank, whose proposal to foresee the following criteria for the construction of the constructions: standard architectural, electric and hidrossanitrias installations. The existing constructions in the peripheral area in question, had been constructed in a pertaining strip of land to the city hall of the city. Where the population played the garbage, in such a way domestic servant as rubbish of the constructions, causing as consequncias the bad accumulation of insects and I smell. Figure 01 evidence the form-contents that make possible the ressignificao of the respective landscape. Figure 01 – New set Freedom, projected Street – city of Joca Claudino PB. In this photo the constructions are distinguished.

Photo: Ana Cristina Blacksmith Granddaughter 2011 We perceive the new appearance of the street, that now serves of access to the domiciles. However still it possesss a simple infrastructure, only holds the terraplanagem made for the city hall, not possessing asphalt covering or stone pavement only the way wire divides the ticket of the carrovel entrance this is a common situation in the peripheral areas. Moreover, we can identify to several other elements that constitute the landscape: the vegetation, the ranks, the services, the constructions, the firmamento, vehicles, and the society.