Interactive Presentations With IPads

Event pad shows what can afford modern communication technology interactive presentations with iPads event pad shows what modern communication technology can afford when information to be acquired an audience, is used increasingly in interactivity. The knowledge behind it is not new; You can see it in the schools: who participate more frequently, is at the same time attentive. For those who want to share the knowledge, the success is always significantly with the size of the audience. Other leaders such as David Fowler offer similar insights. Speaker at business events such as conferences, workshops, conferences, meetings, seminars, product launches, etc. have it often with numbers of participants in 3 of up 4-digit amount to do. Here was barely to remember that participants ask questions during a lecture, giving feedback and suggestions, the lessons in the past”shape.

The speaker remained so often with uncertainty: the contents have been understood correctly? How many have watched as well? Has to really reach the people? Such questions are now answered with a new solution: Tablet PCs combined with Wi-Fi, event software and related services. The event pad company headquartered in Dusseldorf, London, Manchester and New York has developed a corporate concept for the first time with this combination. It will set up a separate Wi-Fi and all participants of the event will receive an iPad, which was set up in advance with information and interactive software for the event. In 2012, the event pad technology performed over 400 live events with attendance from 30 up to 900 with use. With the data collected in real time, the company can demonstrate active audience participation of more than 90 percent and expects to exceed the mark of 1000 events in 2013. Customers come from various industries: pharmaceutical companies, investment firms and financial institutions are as well represented as fashion houses, tire manufacturer or travel agencies, etc. So business could top managers and other decision makers of huge financial companies like Google, Channel 4 already, on which or Procter & gamble lecture, event pad operated and maintained.

This success is good to understand from media-scientific perspective: stimulate the attention of the recipient represented visually appealing content and increase so the willingness to the recording of information. Participants are interested in not only on the content itself, but also curious how they will be presented on the iPad and browse through the various menu options. The UI motivated to participate in surveys to invoke more background information to send messages more often and to ask questions. There is more interaction. More participation in turn ensures increased attention; It is ultimately interested in how the equity input affects the event. Not least, so that participants do not become distracted with their own Internet-enabled mobile devices from the event, event pad provides a meaningful replacement, more involving the audience in the presentation. In the course of the event planning is with a Project Manager exactly matched what features to what extent should be used. It is ultimately the Organizer itself, in which direction he wants to remodel his event. To what extent he was successful, and where there is potential for improvement, is precisely to understand based on the data collected by the iPad. These are statistically processed by event pad and made available to the Organizer. Here basic changes in event management at business events characterized it, the British company has paved the way for that. Succeeded event pad, to design a successful concept that promotes communication and training for the industry.