Pluses laminate conscientiously laid laminate flooring is almost impossible to distinguish from the floor made of natural materials – marble, pine, oak or other more expensive flooring. In this laminated floors have many important advantages over natural wood floors and tile materials: 1. Versatility Want wood floor in your bathroom, or in a room with a high intensity movements? Any expert will tell you: no, it's impossible! Wood (imitating natural wood) laminate floor – that's your decision in this situation. Since the panels are laminated flooring protected against moisture ends and edges, your bathroom floor will not be damaged by spilled water, which is constantly in the bathroom or shower. Panels laminated flooring will not expand, and at the same warp when released into the joints water, whereas with hardwood floors all this is happening. As for those areas where there is intense movement, the laminate floor will resist abrasion and indentation so that your children can even organize races on skateboards, which typically you do not allow. 2. Ease of care you probably had to read the care instructions for the natural hardwood floors.

Bringing the surface to a shine by polishing, lubricating and waxing, it seems that you can spend half your life on it to keep a fresh look of wooden floor, which, of course, in this case will look great. At David Fowler you will find additional information. Stone floors: Ask any doorman public institutions, how much effort and time demands of their daily polishing. All this does not apply to laminated parquet floors. Just sweep them regularly to remove dirt and sand from the surface and from time to time do wet cleaning. That's all it takes to maintain their luster and shine for many years. 3.

Allergy and flavor stability of one of the most commonly-called reasons for replacing the carpet floor coating on wood or stone cover there is a need to get rid of allergens and odors, which are well retain a fiber carpeting. Hardwood laminate floors have a high resistance to the conservation of odors, penetration and reproduction of mites, and thus, unlike wood or stone surfaces do not require a lot of time to care for them. 4. Ease of repair in everyday life and it happens all if something hurts your wooden or stone floor, then replacing one section, you can easily find themselves in a situation that is comparable to overhaul the entire floor in the room. Restoring the same laminate flooring is usually reduces to the rapid replacement of one or more panels. 5. Easy installation Installation of a new stone or parquet floor is impossible to categorize projects diy. This requires specific knowledge and skills that most homeowners do not have. Laying laminate flooring is fundamentally different from the above, and usually does not cause any difficulties. 6. Durability outer layer laminated flooring good resists wear and tear that takes place in wooden parquet floors in the form of deep scratches and indentations. This requires regular repairs consisting in pereshlifovke parquet flooring and restoration of the layer of lacquer coverage.