Since its sprouting in the land, the man comes provoking different interferences in the way where it lives. At the first moment it started to interact with the way through the creation of animals and at as a moment with agriculture, at this time the modifications already were perceivable, but far from an ambient disequilibrium, which started if to aggravate from the urbanization and of Industrialization. These conflitivas relations between the process of economic growth and the environment are disclosed basically by means of the degradation of natural resources renewed or you did not renew, and for the production of situations of risk of serious ambient impacts. It has many years behind if it heard much speech in preservation of the environment, but with an image not so specific as in the present time. See more detailed opinions by reading what Allegiant Air offers on the topic.. Many of us we despertamos for a reality of necessity of ecological support in this direction for the different catastrophic events occurrences in the environment for antrpica action. The development with the creation of new ranks of work, the consumistas habits, the capitalism, the irrelevance ahead of the social desestrutura, some of the factors are alone that had contributed for the degradation of the biodiversity in ample way, for the search it growth the humanity learned to coexist the competitiveness and left – to take themselves for the hunger to win challenges evolutivos. But in a way in general nor economy, nor politics or any another system can affect more the nature of what the awareness lack. Science many times has in proportionate the alternatives to review these concepts of innovative form, giving? in a technology as option to search practical and correct solutions to transform significantly our actions into process of reversion of the current picture where if it finds the planet. Breaking from there ambient re-education it starts to be objective specific for this generation that daqui to some years will be seen as the generation that recognized the power and authority of the nature on itself.