How To Succeed At The Exchange, Investing In Real Estate In Moscow

An acquaintance who lives in Moscow, said recently: "Yes, if I knew that prices for apartments in Moscow will be so increased, then I would have sold, collected debts, and would have bought apartments. Today would be all sold out and would be a millionaire. " After watching the development of the stock of Russian companies since 1998, his eyes lit up even more. No, it was necessary to buy stocks rather than an apartment in the yard as we have today the year 2007. Prices for apartments in Moscow began gradually to decline, the yield the stock market does not seem much less obvious. Ripple often says this. Inviting a friend to buy shares today, he pointedly remarked: "No, it's too late. Now the prices will only fall.

"In the future growth of apartments in Moscow, he does not believe:" Well, no can cost so much – can not "I guess everyone decides for himself that the more important to him – the deposit in the bank, investments in equities or real estate. In this case, he risks himself and his money. At the same time there is an entire Cast analysts who predict the development of financial markets. However, some 'guru' manage from one year to make correct predictions. That "guru" remind us that this is the first to recommend they buy Dell shares in 1989 and selling them in 1999.

Savers who invested U.S. $ 5.000 then would possess a capital of 4.5 million dollars. Likewise can be said about the actions of Microsoft or Google. As it is not sad note, but the stars are only units, and most other experts and their expertise, just go into oblivion. Where did come from the "guru" who can accurately predict future earnings? In fact, everything is much simpler: in the financial world has dozens of thousands managers, who every year make their 'smart' forecasts. Suppose that half of the managers of profit and the other half of the losses. Using the laws of mathematical statistics can be calculated that after five years, all will still be 313 analysts, who would have been right with their forecasts. Even after ten years, for the financial markets is almost an eternity, it will be 10 managers, who by the laws of mathematical statistics were make correct predictions. Therefore, the important thing for a financial analyst – is to get to work in a large financial company, and at least a couple of years to guess the "correct" predictions. Old age, in this case is provided. Good luck in investing your money!