Housing Loans

Continuing the theme of the credits of housing policy, in this opportunity we will try point concerning loans for the expansion of housing with resources from the system of housing policy. Credits for the extension, remodelling and self-construction of main housing. General rules: The funding allocated to these modalities will be directed to applicants or co-applicants solvents in FAOV, with a monthly income up to five (5) minimum wage, i.e. Bs. 6.119,45. A: an applicant may be granted. Maximum group of three applicants, conformed by: A community of spouses or common-law spouses. Up to 3 cosolicitantes single, widowed or divorced members of the same family with kinship among them up to the fourth degree of consanguinity or second of affinity.

A community of spouses and 1 family up to the fourth degree of consanguinity and second of affinity. A community of common-law spouses and 1 family up to the fourth degree of consanguinity. Will be awarded funding only in cases where the housing is about own land, or that owner authorizes the establishment of first mortgage, if the relationship with the applicant and co-applicants is up to the fourth degree of consanguinity and second affinity. Real estate must be located in urban or rural areas that comply with the respective permission duly endorsed by the competent authorities. Not eligible for this funding those who in the past 5 years have been beneficiaries of a mortgage credit for main house purchase, financed with resources from the FAOV. The processing of the loan will not generate administrative costs for beneficiaries. In case of arrears, beneficiaries must cancel 2.44% annually over the portion of capital of the overdue monthly fee not canceled.

General requirements applicable to the applicant and co-applicants: family monthly total income less than or equal to 5 minimum wages. Be Venezuelan. In case of foreigner, you must have legally acquired the residence.