Housing Corporation Intway

By | September 10, 2014

Having such a terminal, you can immediately start trading shares of the world’s largest companies. The uniqueness of this terminal is that you do not need to open special accounts (all transactions are carried out from your account VRS) and you can to buy even one share, which price may be less than one dollar. The Corporation offers the opportunity to enter the Russian stock market, and soon the time will be added to the site of Ukraine, England and . And also, you can trust the professionals to increase your capital by investing their money in safe mutual funds. These funds have a yield of 20% to 80% per annum. In addition, you can engage in joint construction and receive interest-free installments for two years. The third area, part of the Business Package ‘Partner’ – it’s real estate market. Concluding with the Investment Corporation of the contract, you will receive from the corporation mortgage loan at 8% apr for up to 15 years.

Real Estate can buy in any country. You become the owner of this property and can live in it, you can was produced in the lease. You will be able to sell after the full repayment of the loan. Perhaps prepayment without penalty. A surprising number of people have become owners of their own apartments, and many have already managed to repay its debt and take the second loan, as the corporation opens a credit line of up to 500 000. The uniqueness of the Housing Corporation Intway programs that you do not need to make their funds for a down payment.

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