House Of Friends

By | July 7, 2014

From what is made beloved home, on what map shows a very expensive place? This is – your little world. Can alert the term "microcosm", only this term has no pejorative for a painting, even diminutive suffix does not have to that expression in any way. We write "small world", because it is very comfortable and even in some cases even a personal, inherent only you my word. But this expression has indomitable force, which like a black hole absorbs the sweet and dear to you things, forcing them to fit closely together. A unit consists of your laughter of friends, photographs, bickering with her mother, scandals, and his wife, smoke cigarettes and the smell of tea cups, the old grandmother's quilts, which smells of childhood, nagging dad, cozy slippers, Everything is possible to call a private universe, but we choose to tender and even pathetic – little world. Your little world so mountainous, so you can easily hire cartographer. Private parts easily found on the map of your little world, developed by the cartographer, which Nicole will be deprived of work. Where is this place? Everywhere where there's space in your favorite home.

Search this site and even gives him importance. Intimate places become really intimate, if they are among family and friends. Personal life friends? Why put a sign question? Because if there are friends, then privacy is simply not there. Privacy can boast only the lonely people. And friends do not have private lives, their "personal" life a little bit and your life, hence, of personal life is no longer considered. Life of friends he has never overtake your side. Between friends there are no money – do you eat for a company with pasta, they have money – you with them according to spas and even restaurants.

They have a row with mother-in – you first students, and and an eyewitness. They had children – rattle your walls from the screech, and the water meter broken seal. They have problems – you moonlights as a family psychoanalyst. In the joy of friends – a relative that can be enough to listen to an encore. Absolutely all of these laws, which deny the existence of his personal life, work and in mirror image, and depriving you of privacy.

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