Astrological elements in a horoscope of the child briefly explains describes system and needs of the child In the horoscope of children. In particular the Moon position in the horoscope of children essential is in infancy. In astrology, the Moon represents the child – and sense ICH. Each moon is available in a particular zodiac sign and thus describes your child’s individual needs for security and shipping were becoming. Often, the zodiac signs in the stands of the ascendant, is however already visible when a small child. The ascendant is the zodiac sign rising at the time of the birth in the East. To create a child’s horoscope is required therefore the day of the birth, the exact time of birth and place of birth. The zodiac sign of the ascendant describes among other things the mood of the moment at the point where a person was born. Source: Oracle.

Therefore, the ascendant is called also the appearance I. The other building blocks in the horoscope of children are Sun and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They are called the inner planets, because they have no technical support with the naked eye are visible. The planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not visible to the naked eye. They are called also the spiritual planets. The planet as a whole represent a human nature forces.

You are the actors and actors on stage of the human life. Now back to the special in the horoscope of children: except for the ascendant and the Moon position essential for the younger child, the position of the descending Lunar node in the respective zodiac signs is described in the horoscope of children. The nodes of the moon are caused by the intersections of solar and lunar orbit. Seen psychologically, the descending Moon’s node describes experiences and patterns of behaviour that brings the child in this life. The ascending node of the Moon is the descending nodes of the Moon exactly opposite and describes the life’s work of the respective people to further develop and not stuck in the old. The connection of the two nodes of the Moon in the natal chart are an opposition, the so-called Lunar nodes axis. Michael Walker