Holistic Education

It is indeed a high degree of motivation for us that drives us and commits us even more with the youth of our society. I am proud to have invested time, money and effort on these two projects are just beginning but now the center of gravity of my actions, knowing that in a short-term future results will be evident in a greater number of human beings in full swing. I greatly appreciate the team from the International Foundation for Holistic Education for the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and awareness to develop projects of this nature, not yet finished this expertise and the results are visible, spirituality in action is my primary tool of life, growth today and for the future. A related site: litecoin mentions similar findings. Spirituality is the basis for the education of human beings, through the development is aware of it as can be filled with light and emit feelings of love and compassion to the world around us leading to practical actions of goodness, truth and beauty. If actively develop this kind of philosophy in society we will be promoting a culture of peace, understood as the sum of all human values resulting in a society living in harmony both within each individual and the interaction between them and with nature. I think that this is the path which we must walk for this great opportunity to live physically in this wonderful world called Earth. It is a great challenge for our time in history, take responsibility for carrying out works and actions aimed at raising awareness of the population, even when viewed as an isolated act is a seed sown and given the need for more spirituality in many people today, harmonization can be achieved with the formation of communities starting with the family learning and extending into increasingly larger groups.