His Excellency

We do not know any Christ, worship no Christ, or want any Christ, nor will come any other Christ, rather than the son of Mary. So I became a Christian in fact, it implies accepting that Christ was born of this woman. Therefore there is a woman in Christianity, not a woman who replaces Christ, but a women in Christianity, which is the number one in addition to Christ, and it is the type, model, and the archetype of the Church. The Church is deeply feminine, to the name. In the church there are two profiles.

There is Pedro Petrine profile. It stands out above all the institution, visibility, standard, guidance, guide, grazing. And then, obviously the Magisterium, and that the Magisterium’s documents, encyclicals, councils, synods. That is also important. And it is the Marian profile. This highlights, mystical, the interiority, boasts the spirit, inner creativity, initiative, tenderness, compassion, mercy. These things live to the inside of the heart. And then if the Magisterium to affirm a truth, and know how the Church defines its truths in the Councils.

If someone says that the Blessed Virgin, is not the mother of God, then is anathema. Be condemned. In this another aspect it is said: If someone has sinned or committed misconduct or error, open our heart to bring it then. What is what is needed today for this 21st century? People are tired of authorities, because it is up to the Crown of autocrats. Then already today, the Magisterium is not very well. Today does not seem like a privilege, an honor that exist these charges, and those titles, big titles. Because do not fit, because people want a bit more than simplicity. Jesus, that he saw Pedro, that Pedro, Juan, Santiago, played, listened, accompanied him, and who admired him as a teacher. Even admiring it as master. Said to them: do not call teacher anyone. One only is the master of you, and you see that I am among you as who serves as well to see this Jesus, who washed the feet of his disciple. Do not call Mr nobody, only one is the Lord. What example have been given. You do the same. Seeing this Jesus, therefore not glued these things putting here: His Excellency and eminentisimo Jesus. What else can we put him?, does Cardinal?