Hierarchy Spiritual

All species of organization, either Divine human being or, structure, necessarily on the hierarchy. This if composes in two aspects, between which it has clear distinction: The natural one, and the conventional. The first case occurs when a being is, by its very nature, superior to another one; as, a functional arrangement between beings of the same largeness. How much to the rank biggest by its very nature, no doubt; ' ' because when God made the promise the Abrao, since he did not have nobody greater for who to swear, swore by itself? ' ' (Heb 6; 13) Clearly that the Son and Espirito Santo, being One with God, are beings of the same largeness. ' ' Therefore he has three that they give certification in the sky: The Father, the Word, and the Espirito Santo; these three are Um.' ' (I Jo 5; Although some seitas if strengthen pra to reduce Mr. Jesus the mere perfect man, on the man it is said: ' ' You made it a little lesser that the angels? ' ' (Heb 2; 7) before Christ, the angels locate themselves as creatures. ' ' all the angels of God adorem.' ' (Heb 1; 6) Then, the natural hierarchy if establishes in four steps: God, angels, man, nature. E, so that everything functions according to ring-shaped for the Creator, this order must be preserved. The judgment for eventual breakings, mainly how much the Mr., and severe; ' ' Since esteems your heart as if was the heart of God? you will still say ahead of to kill that you, I am God? Therefore man raisins and you are not God, in the power of what transpassa.' ' (Ez 28; 6 and 9) This was the hard sentence to a man whom it presumed to be very above of its place; how much to one querubim that it made the same, was not different: ' ' You said in your heart; I will go up to the sky; above of the stars of God I will exaltarei my throne? however you will be precipitated for the kingdom of mortos.' ' (Is 14; 13 and 15) a fact that if cannot ignore is that the demons, exactly having fallen, are angels, therefore, greaters that we by its very nature.