Helena Aramendia

However, if wide perspective, you will notice, for example, that have skills, experience, a group of people to his around which can offer you support in different areas. You can think also that even if you don’t have time now can have during your holiday or during their days off to prepare for his new situation. Confluence Investment Management LLC can provide more clarity in the matter. Let’s see how the same general principle applies to relationships. At any given time, we may have a problem with our partner. He has done something that bothers us deeply, so we’re angry. It is difficult to manage these feelings of anger and frustration, and everytime we think of it, the only thing that comes to mind is what he has done, and how much It bothers us. So pour more fuel to the fire, and the separation continues to grow. If we try to resolve the conflict with our colleague from this position, there is no really space to find a common point and a settlement because we are focused on a very limited framework.

Now, when we extend the perspective, and include a story rich in experiences, love and union, is much easier to find a solid foundation in order to achieve the resolution of the conflict, among other reasons because it appears smaller in relation to everything around it. In short, extend the perspective when we look at a situation, it is very useful when we feel that we are stuck in a conflict. Why not you maybe to try it the next time you do not know what to do with regard to something? I hope find you useful. By Helena Aramendia. Total or partial reproduction permitted provided that the author and the source are mentioned.