Health Products

Dismistificar OBJECTIVES and to become discipline it of accessible and applicatory chemistry in the society, making possible practical and economic methods in the production of domissanitrios products. 1.3.1. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE To produce domissanitrios of quality, with low cost, inserted in the pedagogical context. 1,4 Pedagogical METHODOLOGY Through the questionnaire application and workshops in a sample, involving different communities of Lages/SC, Are Peter and Petrpolis, we look for to make possible practical and economic methods in the production of domissanitrios products of quality with low inserted cost and in the pedagogical context. 2. Saneantes DOMISSANITRIOS That are Domissanitrios? Products Saneantes Domissanitrios and Afins.

More known as cleanness products, the domissanitrios and similar saneantes are substantiate or destined preparations the cleanness, desodorizao, hygienic cleaning, disinfection or desinfestaes domiciliary, of collective or public environments and in the water treatment, for use for any person for domestic ends or application, manipulation for people or entities specialized for professional ends. According to its destination, the domissanitrios and similar saneantes can be classified in the following categories: 2,1 PRODUCTS OF USE DOMTICO According to Brazilian Farmacopia, (2001) these products are: Sanitary waters, alvejantes ticos and indigo, starches and gums, amaciantes of fabrics, biological, branqueadores, waxes for pisos and wooden floors, deodorants, deodorants, (surrounding, sanitary), detergents, plastic sponges, disinfecting (insecticidal, pesticides, raticidas), steel wools and straws, cleaners (of ovens, glasses), metal polishers, products desentupidores, products for cleanness (of carpets and upholstered, automobiles), products for footwear and leathers, products pra well-taken care of of furniture, wax removers, domestic, sanitizantes, saponceos, suavizantes soaps of fabric use. 2.2. PRODUCTS OF INSTITUCIONAL OR PROFESSIONAL USE 2.2.1. Detergents 2.2.2.

Alkaline for equipment cleanness of the food industry (Acid for cleanness, lubricant for mat of bottlers, alkaline for metals). 2.2.3. Desengraxantes Alkaline for metals 2.2.4. Esterilizantes Hospital 2.2.5. Soaps for professional use 2.2.6. Products for water treatments. In Brazil, all the domissanitrios saneantes products must, obligatorily, be registered in the National Agency of Sanitary Monitoring – ANVS of the Health department, that is also responsible for the regulation and fiscalization of the activities of the sector, as well as for the authorization of functioning of the companies who produce, matters, commercialize, carry or distribute cleanness products.