Hans Christian Seidel

By | November 20, 2014

A typical monopoly situation as market form is in practice, unlike at the duopoly oligopoly or poly pin – recommended by the purchase campus holds purchase campus, the shopping seminars and negotiation training-oriented range of CSEI consulting from Darmstadt, shopping and negotiating training with an emphasis on negotiations and strategic purchasing. Believe me, that this year’s price increase is very modest, but we need to slightly modify the price calculated reasons “.” A monopoly seller closes with so a set each year in righteously the price discussions, or better off his price dictation with a buyer. For the long-suffering buyers, often no other way than such a price increase is sighing off nod to. This is the harsh reality, so Hans Christian Seidel reported CSEI consulting from Darmstadt in its shopping advice and in-house seminars by purchase campus, the purchasing consultancy specialized on purchasing training. On his shopping seminars and its Negotiation seminars Hans-Christian Seidel gives buyers campus: you can’t blame but a monopolist, if he uses his immediate or long-term market power to his advantage to make even more profits. It is hard to believe, but legitimate. By the way, how would your own selling react because on an own monopoly situation in its sales market. If we are honest, probably as well.” A typical monopoly situation as market form is in practice, different than the duopoly, oligopoly or poly Pol, characterized by the following criteria: there are worldwide only a provider exists or even a patent which is still worse there is a price increase of between 3% and 5% each year.

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