Hakeem Autumn Program

Matters of conscience as decide in job and everyday life? Committed his own conscience? The company Codex? Or does it rather with Kant? Each decision, whether in the workplace or in the private context is determined by the expectations of others, business objectives, by the own morals and tactical considerations. Learn more at: Eric Kuby. But what who take, you want to choose morally correct and fair? Author Thomas Wilhelm provides in his book “How much conscience will it be?” Food for thought and decision AIDS for integrity, independent and fair behavior in job and everyday life. 19: 00, Executive Office. The Managing Director just his Marketing Director tells that are some redundancies. Also the best friend of the just mentioned head of marketing is concerned. And he’s now in the bailout. Tell a friend although the boss has asked for confidentiality? Or mention and thus putting at risk the friendship? Own conscience, the consequences for the entire company, contractual obligations or compassion patent recipes,.

which now serious or how one has to decide in principle, there is no. But, and this shows Thomas Wilhelm many case examples, there are decision-making AIDS can help one to get into difficult situations to differentiated moral choices. Common Sense ethics: according to Wilhelm, “skeleton” moral decisions integrity, moral and fair decisions offers a Common Sense ethics, which is based on three core theses. First, the society based on moral rules of hyper, moral duties, which are self-evident. These rules are an anti damage and on the other hand cooperation rules that fundamental guidelines for our behavior.

Secondly, The hyperlink rules have always also situational exceptions, justification so that legitimize violating the rules of hyper. Thirdly: Ethical goals or ideals such as civil courage and solidarity are desirable, can but not be demanded by the company. No panaceas, no raised forefinger entitlement and free of dogmatic missionary: “How much conscience will it be?” provides approaches without teach, and helps to get an independent opinion. From November to 19.80 euros in Hakeem.