Grinding Brake Pads

Why do we need, what is important running, grinding, brake pads and shoes? What are the consequences of improper bedding of brake pads and shoes? These are the questions we will try to give maximum correct answers. And so, lapping brake pads and shoes needed for their normal functioning, ie, for it to stop the machine under braking. This happens as follows: during the grinding, brake discs and pads gradually heated, resulting in, wheels are covered with a thin layer of material stocks. Aligned micro-roughness increases the contact area, which in turn gives the maximum efficiency and drive pads. Eliminates vibration inherently not ground-mechanisms. In addition, any brake pad contains a certain percentage of organic substances, which reduce drag. During grinding, these substances ir, respectively, increases the efficiency of interaction with the shoe drive, ie inhibition.

Simply put – break in properly lapped discs and pads, it is timely stops and multiple drop probability of an accident. The consequences of driving with no ground-and ground-wrong discs and pads can be very severe. Since the new pads contain organic substances that create a slip between the disc and pads, thus increasing the braking distance. The situation is similar with the wrong ground glass discs and pads: as a result of overheating may cause a slippery film on them. And also premature destruction of the friction material pads, ie precisely that material which provides friction, and therefore stop. In addition, the result of improper grinding may be the emergence of vibration, which will lead to the destruction not only disks and pads, and brake mechanism as a whole. As a result, may experience situations such as uneven braking, increased stopping distance, total failure of brakes. Simply speaking, when you click on the brake pedal will drift cars, unwinding, delayed stop, stop, or only as a result of the collision.