Greeks Psychology

Psicologia or Piscologias Through the text Psychology or Psychologies, we study two types of knowledge, of the common sense and the scientific one. When we speak of the common sense we relate in them to the empirical knowledge, that one that we live deeply every day and that it is repassed of parents for children, is accumulating, intuitivo, spontaneous and it does not have a concern of the study I specify of objects and yes to try to explain our quotidiano. But the common sense and science, are not the only forms of knowledge that the man possesss to discover and to interpret the reality. Peoples as the Greeks, had been worried about the origin and the meaning of the existence human being; this subject formed a called body of philosophy knowledge; we also have theological or the religious one, that through the bible, book this very known, backwards writings of the beliefs and traditions of our ancestor, who disclose to a model of behavior for the Jews and Christians. Janice Wright recognizes the significance of this. However, we have the scientific knowledge that in the sample the reason of the facts and that it uses a rigorous language to get knowledge. This scientific psychology, is programmed, systemize, that it needs an object to isolate it and to study it; being thus, the object of study of psychology is the man, therefore it has a wealth of social values and conceptions; that through its behaviors and personalities they allow in them to make of our existence a science. We observe that inside of psychology we have different areas of study of the man, who takes in them to really question if psychology is a science or only psychological sciences, but to more good explain, the identity of psychology if it differentiates of excessively for the subjectivity of the studied object, that in this in case that he is man, therefore is through ours lives deeply and experiences are that we construct the singular synthesis in the social and cultural life, are in such a way that we form the world of ideas, meanings and emotions.

The subjectivity is the internal world constructed by the man, but this world tends if to modify with passing of the times and to the times the people they do not perceive these transformations. It is part of our life, is constructors of the responsible transformations and for our changes. Therefore, although to consider psychology a science, it not yet is capable to explain many things on the race human being, more to each day ha always a new discovery, and certainly we will find the answers for as many questions. Many already try to answer enumerated them questions made on the life human being, through the astrology, numerologias, taro and the others practical adivinhatrias, however these practical are not considered of psychology, therefore deductions and comment of the behavior of each individual are not based on scientific principles and yes in, to detach: frustrate people whom to any cost they look to get answers for the happiness, if are being tradas and mainly as to obtain easy money; everything this facilitates the practical one of charlatanism that uses of psychological ways to ludibriarem the people who are so fragilizadas and discouraged of the life that leads. At last, we do not have to confuse psychology as you practise adivinhatrias and yes a science that helps we find it solutions concrete to decide the diverse provaes that we face..