Government Financial Assets

On 23 November this year came the news of the creation of this video, posted on Youtube and starring John Od riz, Deputy General Director of Caja Navarra, and Alberto Aniz, deputy adjutant general and head of Treasury CAN (Box Ahorros de Navarra). All this is due to the controversy that arose when CAN, like other boxes (or Bancaja and Caja Duero), went to the auction of the Government. CAN attracted 91 million Acquisition Fund of the Government Financial Assets (FAAF). If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bill O’Grady. Therefore decided Aniz Od riz and reassure your employees and explain to their clients why they accepted this proposition, as they believe that the offer “you look where you look is a bargain.They claim to have acquired this substantial amount of money primarily to meet the needs of its customers. In the video recreates an alleged conversation between a client that offers a banker 91 million for a 3.37 interest repayable over two years. By this they make clear that all areadvantages that the bank can not miss, despite being in a position of liquidity high enough.