Gothic Aristocrat

Gothic Lolita (Jap. gosurori, from the English. GothLoli) – female image that does not pertain to the subculture is ready. Appeared in Japan in 1997-1999 as a reaction to kogyaru. Key features: Puppet, innocence and childishness, stylized clothes Girls Victorian era (a la Alice in Wonderland): straight bangs, dark hair bows, corset, long socks, shoes, skirt flared above the knee, the bag in the Gothic style.

Predominant color: blue, black and white. Gothic style lolita, more often – a combination of black and white, usually the dress itself or black suit, complete with all sorts of white lace, ribbons and lace. Black fishnet stockings with black or white armbands as common. Key accessories are also made using only black and white. While the possible combination with dark blue or red. Make-up – usually a black eyeliner.

As a pale complexion is desirable, can be used by a white powder. You can also see a black or red lipstick. Finally, the gothic lolita style can be supplemented with a variety of useful and not so accessories such as notebooks, cases for hats, bags Gothic and rucksacks, sometimes in the shape of bats, coffins and crucifixes. Teddy bears and other animals are also common. Some brands make special bears and black leather or PVC. Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA), classic men's clothing, with elements of dress clothes, gold, hats, coats, canes, can gothic makeup. Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL), whose members prefer the longer, straight skirt and jackets, children's designs than frankly typical gothic Lolita, is just one of many sub-categories. They are characterized by the use of more evolved and more grown-up make-up fashion design. Lawley Kuro (black lolita) gothic lolita subcategory, the main feature of which is a combination of black with black. Guro Lawley (terrible or awful Lolita), is also a kind of gothic lolita, but this style of clothing includes elements horror, such as bandages, fake blood, or an eye patch. Recently, Gothic Lolita (Gothic Lolita) is becoming increasingly popular. Shop Online Lilith is jewelry for the style of Gothic Lolita. The strange girl from Victorian era. Alice in Wonderland. Gothic doll. Gloomy romantic nymphet in love with death … Gothic Lolita – it's infantile style, imitating the behavior, jewelry, clothing, naive, innocent, well-bred, close girls, if this girl grew up in the cemetery and read the life stories of vampires. Style originated in Japan, where he currently is at its peak of popularity. Gothic Lolita wear black lace, bows, silk ruffles, ribbons, beads. Often adorn themselves with black feathers, crosses, skulls, coffins, skeletons, are Gothic Style handbags as well as walking around with black hearts, flowers and dark toys. Fox Rehabilitation: the source for more info. Hairstyles can be varied. But most of all – it's tails most unimaginable sizes and shapes or braids. Of hats – a variety of hats from felt, lace, velvet and satin. Accessories: handbags, umbrellas, fans of lace and silk ribbons and decorated with black beads. The colors worn by Gothic Lolita: black, dark purple, blood red with silver trim.