Golden Harvest

The pride of the TM "The farm" are the achievements in the field of marketing. Not long ago, the direction of consumer goods released into the Ukrainian market two new brands. TM "Golden Harvest" – having absorbed all the best features and traditions of TM "The farm" Yet, it is not well known to double the brand, it is distinguished by a new design packaging, and packing 900 and 700 grams. TM "Golden Harvest" is designed for buyers with below-average income level, evaluating the purchase, primarily for one-time costs. TM "The farm landlord" – is designed for customers with higher middle-income countries, who prefer to shop in supermarkets. The range includes traditional Ukrainian buyer sugar and buckwheat, as well as elite varieties of rice: basmati, jasmine and Camolino. Homeland of these varieties Rice, Thailand, India, China, Japan and Pakistan, so each of them has its own unique properties.

Camolino known that absorbs large amounts of moisture, and the preparation of soft and creamy, Jasmine is known for its milk flavor, and unique property Basmatti grains elongate in the preparation. It should be noted that despite the origin of rice, "foreigners" do not make any concessions They, like all other products of TM "The farm", "Golden Harvest" and "The farm landlord" are multiple control and laboratory testing. A distinctive advantage of the products under the trademark "The farm landlord" is qualitatively new solution package: its shape has acquired vertical design with a flat bottom, as well as material used layered composite film, which provides a more presentable and practical use. Packaging design has acquired a European aesthetic shape thanks to the hard work of a whole team of professionals in the areas of marketing, graphic and industrial design, the success of which confirmed by numerous surveys of consumer views and focus groups. In December of supermarkets in Kiev were amazed at the appearance of the promoters in colorful national costumes for the stylized promostolami which format Ukrainian fairs distributed to all buyers TM "The farm landlord" prizes and gifts.