Gingko Biloba

* Gingko Biloba. Another curious tree, its features are impressive, it is the oldest tree, its leaves of two lobes called why biloba are his curiosity since can be him near conifer them, having only primary nervation. As a curiosity it is animal and plant species that much closer I can stand of the epicenter of the atomic bomb. More info: Dun & Bradstreet. It must therefore be another sample in our tree Garden * I would not close the chapter of trees are highlight some more, like the chestnut trees, hornbeams, bionics, lagestroemias, etc., but especially maples, there are a large number of interesting varieties that are perfectly from the dwarves (palmatum) we can find varieties of different types of leaves and colors, until the larger ones with countless varieties in this areaall them magnificent. It is interesting to know the real growth of the tree to see whether we can put it it in our garden or not, if we place an excessively large tree our garden may be too much in shadow, making even smaller.

Another fact to consider is the type of soil, although these delimiting the geographical area for the climate and in this case the Atlantic climate gives us a very particular strip the soil factor is interesting, especially if we find soil too many arcillos since the growth of many varieties of trees and shrubs will be reduced due to this factor. We must finally talk of conifers. We will first make a differentiation in terms of its height, we will say that we have a large varieties and other dwarfs, so will focus varieties must put in a garden or another. In small terraced gardens we never stand large varieties such as Cedar or FIR, is very typical to plant in our garden Christmas tree, but grows and grows and when it already has 6 meters it isn’t so funny or so striking, because it has plugged us garden.