German French Community

Sport combines german French friendship on the sports portal WA? while politicians of both Nations the german Tamer? Russian friendship celebrate, one finds at, the Community fu? r active recreational athletes, a friendly? ftemessen of sportingly active people on both sides and across the Rhine. German and franzo? Russian athletes challenge each other to virtual competitions, compare their training and improve their foreign language skills, if they each other stimulate themselves and the photo albums of training partner in GA? stebucheintra? gen comment. As one of the few sports portals is 1-2 sports from nu? rnberg multilingual started. The offer has been without significant promotional effort by the Tamer? very well received Chinese athletes. Today about u are? over 19,000 active members approximately 8,500 French gegenu? ber 10,500 Germans.

The exchange among members is so intense, that are already personally? nliche, la? nderu? mountain maturing relationships have developed. So start not only franzo? Russian 1-2 athletes in contestants? fight in Germany (Berlin Marathon) and German in France, also some training meetings with a visit to the region of the host were already organized. There is always something special, when members, the up date only u? ber knew the platform, at a competition together fu? r a 1-2-sports group photo pose an initiative emanating from the members themselves. We wanted to start from the outset, as international network. “Due to personnel? personal affinity? t to France I am very u? ber local success” so Lamjung, Board member of the 1-2 sports AG. In the various? various competitions, which are carried out on the platform, the pride of athletes of the two Nations is to spu? ren.

1-2 sports will therefore be? grows offer contests, in which groups compete as team ko? tonnes. Then ko? could it mean about: which nation collects the most kilometers in January? “.” Currently supported? records la? Bank of both Nations u? ber 1-2 sports the launched in early November in Paris world record attempt on the Frenchman Serge Girard, within one Year the line of 25,300 km by 25 of the 27 EU-la? nder to run a total of 600 marathons in 365 days. U? ber 1-2 sports AG nu? rnberger 1-2 sports AG develops and operates an online platform at fu? r sportingly active people. In the Centre of the extensive offer of sporting activities documentation is available? th u? ber 200 different kinds of sports. Special: This can be in the training of other members of the platform, which was given the status of a friend, compare. The offer is erga? supplemented by a route planner, routes GPS accurately characterized with measured let virtual competitions, their own profile page with photo album, Postfa? cher fu? r news and Unterstu? support various recording devices? te fu? r training, including Garmin Forerunner, polar, or iPod with chip by Nike.