Genuine Willingness – Example Smoking Cessation

Rainer Sauer author Deus Homo excerpt of the spiritual guide and read book “Deus Homo” genuine willingness real willingness, some of our quality of life, to change ourselves so our life conditions, is vital for a real change. This genuine willingness, as I call them, includes mainly, I know exactly where I want to change me and what consequences this entails. Tomas Philipson often says this. As well as the will to assume full responsibility for the change and to provide also the necessary reserve of energy. And this involved and motivated by an inner desire, which really formulated after the conversion or other strives for growth. This real honest desire to achieve a specific goal, which proves my vested, is a real sense of instance that I can meet me. Here I am faithful to my needs, my desires and my goals, and the change is triggered in me and is happening then also as a result of inside out.

Genuine willingness”is a place in each exists and fully for each is accessible the also, but on the other hand not immediately discoverable obscured for many of us, or that is buried, sometimes even as not existing. “” “So it is understandable that most probably either say:”I can’t do this”, there is no this place”, that goes, but not at all, how should you implement that,”or I do but always, but this work doesn’t do it anyway”. And that we try the laws despite the change in demand. “71 us so mostly without this real ready be in the Act of changing dare we and our failure” with all possible arguments justify, but our willingness to not question, so pull our lack of desire for change into consideration. In my experience the here listed components are attempting to change and the subsequent failure or at least not been sufficient, because a change, as I understand it, however, is only a motion maneuvers, is always possible so for us, and if there is the necessary tools, nothing in the way of change.