General Motors

Products made of neodymium on the molecular level structure the liquid hydrocarbon, regardless of octane and cetane number, increasing the calorific value and temperature of the flame burning up to 30%, as a result significantly reduces the consumption of expensive fuel and the emission of harmful gases. In the 80 years of Soviet scientists were invited to the injection of cylinder air-fuel mixture flowing through a powerful band of magnetic resonance-frequency devices. But in the "stagnation" years, when cheap fuel unit mass distribution in the country have not received as The private channels were the only "rich" – no need to save. For other vehicles of interest in these devices did not (free public supply of fuel). After the migration of U.S. global auto giant – General Motors Corporation, once a patent (three patents), the Soviet scientific and technical development and monopoly started to export to other countries of magnetic resonance products fuel max for all grades of fuel and engine types, including automotive, marine, rural transportation (cost 200 USD). As we know, many fishing and transport vessels Korea, usa, Canada and European countries are widely used magnetic resonance products for savings expensive diesel fuel. Specialists from the service stations do not just pay attention that on some cars sold in Japan can be found on the fuel rail, set of magnetic devices Neodymium magnets made in the usa, manufactured by General Motors' patented Corporation.

This confirms the thesis about the rational pragmatism lean Islander people, as now required wasteful for the Russians. Today, Russian military-industrial complex, far up from the foreign manufacturers, produces ultra-strong neodymium magnetic products for aircraft and other equipment (GOST 17809-72 and 25639-83) and energy product for International brand: N 35-37-42-45. A group of Russian scientists, engineers, feb ras, and environmental specialists organization "Green Cross", after further calculations, laboratory and field tests, suggested that the device green enter – magnetic frequency activator (cavity) to the practical application for dic road and sea transport, as well as for agricultural and building self-propelled equipment. The aim – to save expensive hydrocarbon fuels, reducing harmful gas emissions and improving environmental performance of ice.