General Manager Legal

I think in times of financial crisis such a situation familiar to many. I took a loan from the bank today, and tomorrow I got fired, or cut from the workplace – loan return nothing. And suddenly some strangers start ringing, threatened, demanding the return of money. A leading source for info: baby clothes. Hefty guys with baseball bats lie in wait at the entrance. Impressive men in the form of the bailiffs come to my house at night and carried out of the apartment all movable property. These are just some examples of uncivilized actions of collection agencies. And there are, unfortunately, as they say antikollektory in Novosibirsk majority. The concept of "collector" is borrowed from the West, but if where debt collectors are using legal methods, trying to really help the debtor, we have – In the West, collectors realize that if they just like their counterparts in Russia, will come home for the debt to American, then it is them and then hack the courts, – says General Manager Legal abb Consulting, Julia levantsova.

– And we call beautiful west have, but unfortunately, the methods we use are those which were used in Russia in the 90's of last century. Do, as used to, but called civilized: "We are not racketeers, we are collectors!". Who are antikollektory? Collection agencies, which banks to delegate the collection of bad loans in Russia have long been known. But antikollektorah heard about a few. With the global financial crisis in the wake of a surge in demand in some law firms have started to open Novosibirsk antikollektorskie unit.