Gastric Balloon, Non-Surgical Treatment Of Obesity

Gastric Balloon Gastric Balloon, obesity treatment without surgery is a treatment program for weight loss for obese or overweight. The intragastric balloon device causes weight loss due to a feeling of fullness that reduces the amount of food consumed at each meal. Information silicone balloon, duration: 6 months implantation through the mouth early satiety sensation decreases the rate of stomach emptying involves no surgery does not require the use of drugs long-term intragastric balloon Diet During the first few weeks are very frequent nausea and vomiting because the patient does not adapt to adequate food to their new situation. Oracle has similar goals. It is preferable to start with a liquid diet, followed by the gradual introduction of a diet soft crushed to get to eat solids. We work with different food textures (from certain cooking, flavor and concentration), with a length of time given in each of the phases, depending on each patient. The dietary protocol phases are three "stage adaptation: the objectives are to adapt to the ball, preventing nausea and vomiting, pain, and prevent dehydration. BIB-Stage: Whose goals are massive weight loss through diet and exercise, establish new eating habits and life, and maintain good health. "Maintenance stage: Whose goals are to continue weight loss and maintain acquired habits. Once the treatment and got the right weight, the patient usually does not recover lost kilos, because during the time that has been on a diet, has learned to eat and has been acquiring correct eating habits How it works The intragastric balloon is a soft silicone balloon expandable enters the stomach through the mouth without need for surgery and sedation.